Grand Sumo Villainess Z Volume 02 Epub

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Two years after the rebellion in Aryaka, yokozuna Floortje and her beloved Crown Prince Richie are on a goodwill visit to the neighboring Elven Forest Republic. It only feels too familiar to our heroine when another rebellion begins with her at ground zero—this time, one led by the elven chancellor Mickaël who has seized power in the nation. On their own, some puny elves wouldn’t even make her break a sweat—but it turns out they were foolish enough to forge an alliance with the Demon Lord and his army trained in Dark Sumo, allowing them to roam free in elven towns and forests. Floortje and the prince are forced to make an escape for the time being, with their new ferocious opponents hot on their heels. Coming face-to-face on a yin-yang-shaped dohyō with monsters, led by mighty demons and empowered by their unique special abilities, will Floortje’s sumo prevail once more?

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