Goodbye Otherworld, See You Tomorrow Volume 2 Pdf

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Their resolve renewed, Keisuke and Nito continue their journey through this ashen world, still searching. Though they each have their own goals, they now travel their path together as true companions. While looking for a map that might offer them clues, the pair arrive at a temple venerating a saint the people of this world believe in. At first, the temple seems to be abandoned, but in fact various other survivors have gathered around it, each carrying their own pain and their own story to tell.

Keisuke and Nito decide to stop a while and help these survivors get back their smiles and their hope. Maybe they can even turn this disparate group into a community as they all work together to revive a festival of gratitude to the saint. What tales will the pair hear, and what relationships will they foster, during this stop on their heartwarming road trip through a ruined world?

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