Gods’ Games We Play Volume 2 Epub

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APOSTLES VS APOSTLES WITH THEIR CITIES’ PRIDE ON THE LINE! Fay and Leshea’s spectacular performance has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Their wins against the gods are so inspirational that Dives are completely booked in Ruin, and they can’t enter any more games! To prevent former god Leshea from wreaking havoc, they travel to another city to Dive. As it happens, that city is home to another apostle named Dax, whose reputation is on par with Fay’s—and Dax considers Fay his rival. Time for some “friendly” competition! Fay has to choose a partner who can handle strategy, so of course, his top pick is…Pearl?! How will Pearl face this new challenge, and what god awaits them in their next Dive?

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