Finding Avalon: The Quest of a Chaosbringer Volume 2 Pdf

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Volume 02

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Betrayed and left for dead by members of the Soleil Clan, Piggy and his sister must fight against an overwhelming monster. Although they come out victorious, the battle leaves Piggy a shell of his former self. The siblings now have to dive deeper into the dungeon to enlist the help of a fiend to heal him. Piggy vows revenge on Soleil, but acting soon would put his family at risk. The only solution? A family trip to the dungeon to slaughter some monsters!

Meanwhile, Akagi’s defeat has soured the mood in Class E and bolstered the rest of the school to keep them on their knees. Piggy will need to keep his true identity a secret as his classmates prepare for the Battle of the Classes. But the other students are taking notice, and something seems off about his classmate Nitta.

More adventures await the overweight villain as he teams up with his beautiful classmates, fights crooked proctors, and impresses sexy ninjas!

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