Links are not working, I can’t download



1. click on I am not a robot

2. Verify that your not a robot with the Captcha, if it doesn’t work the first time just keep trying you’ll get it ( Sometimes it will finish and show a green check without you having to go through the puzzle if so your lucky)

3. Click on the blue button after you complete the Captcha it will lead you to another page

4. click free access with ads

5. click I’m interested

6. click install and signup but don’t install anything, cancel and link that pops up

7. click I have already completed this step

Adfly changed to Linkvertise hence the different download process, I’ll try to remove the Linkvertise links soon.


Some extra troubleshoots for those who still can’t download:
A. make sure your adblocker is off, that will cause problems when downloading
B. Ignore Popups, just close whatever popups appear and finish the download steps
C. use a Vpn/Proxy to unblock whatever book link that doesn’t work


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