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Low in social standing in the school castle Doumeguri Kakeru, reincarnate into the strongest Demon Lord Hellshaft dominating the Virtual-Reality Game《Exodia Exodus》

Furthermore, he obtained the “Forbidden Power” (Adult Mode).

However, the players who appeared was none other than the girl he admires Asagiri Ririko who was also his classmate.

Asagiri and the others believe that if they are to defeat the Demon Lord Hellshaft, they can return to their former world, but in fact, everyone’s lives would be in danger if the Demon Lord dies――!?

And in order to save the people he treasures most, Doumeguri / Hellshaft attacks his classmates with his strongest ability!

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  1. excuse me but i cant open vol.1 of this series, it says error/failed to open..
    no problem with other volume tho..

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