DUNGEON DIVE: Aim for the Deepest Level Volume 5 Pdf

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“If you take down the Guardian of Floor 30, I’ll tell you the truth.”

That was the deal the memory-rewritten Kanami struck with Palinchron. And to make good on his end of the bargain, he’s throwing his hat into the massive tournament on which so many fates hinge: the Brawl. Who will fight who in this contest of champions?

After the events of a dragon-slaying guild quest, Kanami resolves to seek a means of destroying the bangle that has sealed away his true memories, and Lastiara desperately wants to extend a helping hand…but she’ll have to beat Snow Walker in their match if she wants to succeed in doing so. And that task is very much easier said than done when Snow, intent on keeping Kanami to herself in hopes of marrying him, unleashes her full draconic might!

Will Kanami fulfill the vow he made to himself? Will he regain his memories? And if he does, what will become of the relationships he forged since he lost them? Find out in this thrilling new installment!

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