Dungeon Busters Volume 4 Pdf

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Determined to save the world after triggering the appearance of countless dungeons around the globe, Ezoe Kazuhiko—now the head of Dungeon Busters, the strongest adventurer clan in the world—continues to build up his forces. He can now count on a powerful ally, the Vatican’s holy vanguard, the Crusaders, in his mission to clear every dungeon before the fated ten-year mark.
On the other side of the world, Joker, a mysterious man who’s sworn to destroy the world, has taken control of Venisuela and seeks to expand his influence over the rest of South Gamerica. While the members of Dungeon Busters embark on their first journey overseas, Brezil calls upon the Crusaders to face Joker!
Bear witness to the clash between humans and monsters in the fourth volume of this dungeon-delving epic with overwhelming realism!

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