Download Sword Oratoria volume 9 Light Novel Pdf

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You can now Download Sword Oratoria volume 9 Light Novel Pdf


The times may change, but the legends of adventuring never will!

After Bete helps bring an end to the Amazon hunt, there’s hardly a moment to rest before a new threat approaches Orario! The Kingdom of Rakia has dispatched a massive invading army, and adventurers answer the call to halt their advance. As Loki Familia readies itself for battle once more, a young girl’s unexpected question opens the door to the past when Riveria shares one small, private story about her days during Aiz’s childhood. While the fragments of memory lead the high elves’ thoughts to times long gone, the grown-up Aiz feels conflicted after finding herself in a village that worships a dragon…Has she changed since her first fitful days of fighting monsters, or is some part of her still the Doll Princess?

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