Download Sword Oratoria Volume 8 EPUB

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You can now Download Sword Oratoria Light Novel volume 8 in (.epub) Format

Weaklings only get in the way…right?

Bete Loga is Loki Familia’s lone wolf and easily one of the strongest when it comes to brute strength. After laughing in the faces of his defeated comrades down in Knossos, he finds himself ostracized from the rest of his familia…only to be courted by the overly eager and affectionate Amazonian girl Lena, who promptly insists…they sleep together?!

His antics with this new girl unearth memories of his past, all of them revolving around his mysterious fang tattoo, and soon, he finds himself face-to-face with everything he has long tried to forget. Meanwhile, the God of Death and his familia begin hatching a sinister plan. The wicked blade that robbed Bete of his companions is on its way back, and it’s thirsty for more!

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