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You can now Download Sword Oratoria Light Novel volume 7 in (.epub) Format

Having gained clues in Melen, the Loki Familia begin their investigation of Daedalus Street.
After finding their base, Ais and the others were about to hunt down the remnants of Evilus when-

“The Man Made Labyrinth Knossos…become the foundation of the ancestral masterpiece”
An unprecedented persistence of evil bares its fangs.
A cursed clan, the hero’s destiny, the appearance of the last Evil God, and the return of the red haired creature.
The nest of evil is now bringing Ais and the others their greatest crisis.

“Goodbye, Loki Familia. Have a good nightmare”


  • Prologue: Villains
  • Chapter 1: The Now of the Labyrinth City
  • Chapter 2: Dungeon Trap
  • Chapter 3: Feast of Death
  • Chapter 4: Becoming the Sword’s Wind
  • Chapter 5: All Out Angry and Sorrowful War
  • Epilogue: What’s Yearned for is-

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