Download Outbreak Company Volume 7 PDF

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You can now Download Outbreak Company Volume 7 in .pdf format.



A mysterious “hole” connects Japan to a fantasy world called the Holy Eldant Empire.

The company Amutech was set up to spread otaku culture in this new land… but the employees are going on vacation. It’s a trip to a nearby lake to help burn up Minori’s accrued vacation days! That means swimsuits! Swimsuits for everyone!

And you know where that leads, right…?!

It’s all fun and games until—wait, does that cloud look weird to you? It almost looks like someone… taking aim at them?!

But that’s not all, no sir! In this volume, we’ve got your stories about more assassins and surprise attacks (we think), about Minori-san’s, uh, propensities exploding onto the scene, about Myusel’s long-kept secrets… Strap yourself in, because a short story collection means s#!t can get as crazy as we want! Wait, where does this even fit in the canon?!

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