Download Marchen der Werwolf Volume 3 PDF

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You can now Download Marchen der Werwolf(Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukukan) Volume 3 PDF

With Veight’s master taking up the mantle of Demon Lord, the demon army once again resumes its march toward coexistence. Carrying the will of the previous Demon Lord with him, Veight is made the sole vice-commander of the first regiment. His first task as the “Demon Lord’s Vice-Commander” is to ally with Beluza, the largest city in the south. He sets out to meet Beluza’s viceroy, Garsh, marking the beginning of the south’s unification. Upon his arrival, he discovers that the infamous pirate city is plagued with problems. If he wants to win it over, he’ll have to sort them out first!

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