Download Danmachi light novel all volumes Pdf

You can now Download Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) Light Novel volumes in (.pdf) Format

  1. Danmachi Volume 1 – Download
  2. Danmachi Volume 2 – Download
  3. Danmachi Volume 3 – Download
  4. Danmachi Volume 4 – Download
  5. Danmachi Volume 5 – Download
  6. Danmachi Volume 6 – Download
  7. Danmachi Volume 7 – Download
  8. Danmachi Volume 8 – Download
  9. Danmachi Volume 9 – Download
  10. Danmachi Volume 10 – Download
  11. Danmachi Volume 11 – Download
  12. Danmachi Volume 12 – Download
  13. Danmachi Volume 13 – Download
  14. Danmachi Volume 14 – Download  
  15. Danmachi Volume 15 – Available 1-12-2020
  16. Danmachi Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu PDF ———– DOWNLOAD
  17. Familia Chronicle – Episode Freya PDF ————– DOWNLOAD
  18. Sword Oratoria All Volumes PDF
  19. Danmachi Manga


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  1. I’m confused about the comment section I’m not sure if the disscusion is regarding the official release of DM light novel vol 14 release in the states or the one for download on jnovels. When will the download for it be available?

    1. Danmachi is the main story focusing on Bell cranel as the MC, while Sword Oratoria is a spin-off focusing on Aiz as the MC. The stories are intertwined. Since you just started, read in this order.

    2. Danmachi Volume 1

      .Danmachi Volume 2

      .Danmachi Volume 3

      .Danmachi Volume 4

      .Sword Oratoria volume 1

      .Danmachi Volume 5

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 2

      .Danmachi Volume 6

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 3

      .Danmachi Volume 7

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 4

      .Danmachi Volume 8

      .Danmachi Volume 9

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 5

      .Danmachi Volume 10 (YOU MUST READ SO 5 BEFORE DM 10)

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 6

      .Danmachi Volume 11

      . Sword Oratoria Volume 7

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 8 (Not in English yet)

      .Danmachi Volume 12

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 9

      .Danmachi Volume 13

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 10

      .Danmachi Volume 14 (Not in English yet)

      .Sword Oratoria Volume 11 (Not in English yet)

  2. hey,can i get a rough estimate for when vol14 on this site will be released.i know these things take time i just wanna be aware

    1. No Japanese release date yet for volume 31 yet. Furthermore, I believe the author said he wanted to write vol 3 of the spin-off “plan to assassinate Shiba Tatsuya” before resuming the main story.So I would say not any time soon.

  3. THANK YOU for this, after overlord and SAO Novels, time to really get into this one, thanks for such an incredibly convenient site for the content!

  4. Anyone have any speculation/knowledge as to why it is taking so long to get a release date for volume 15. I know the Japanese version has been out for a while. Any guesses as to when it will actually be out?

  5. Thanks for all th work I reall appreciate it. Just wanted to point out, shouldn’t you change the “No Release Date Announced yet” since there’s already a date? Also will you release Episode Freya too when it comes out?

  6. Hello, i watched this anime in the quarantine and discovered that it is based on light novels, anyone can tell me on what volume the anime ends? i really don’t want to wait until october to continue the history, if anyone tell me i will be gratefull, thanks

  7. I’ve been reading both danmachi and sword oratoria, enjoying them so far, thanks for the posts, but the links don’t work anymore, can anyone direct me to another link? I want sword oratoria from volume 3 to 12 and danmachi from 7 to 14 and thanks

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