Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade Volume 3 Pdf

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You can now download Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade Volume 3 Pdf


Olivia, Claudia, and Ashton are back in Fernest after ousting Rosenmarie and the Crimson Knights from the north, enjoying some well-deserved time off and investigating Olivia’s mysterious heritage. But the ripples of this latest defeat are spreading, and new players are moving out onto the board.

The empire’s Helios Knights have mobilized to wipe out the Second Legion, while Seraph Sofitia of the Holy Land of Mekia, no longer content to watch from the shadows, seizes the chance to set her plans into motion. What havoc will her mages wreak when they join the fray?

With chaos looming, duty calls Olivia back to the battlefield. She and her friends join the Invincible General Cornelius on a mission to save the Second Legion and the central front!

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