You can now Download Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) Light Novel volumes in (.epub) Format


  1. Danmachi Volume 1 – Download
  2. Danmachi Volume 2 – Download
  3. Danmachi Volume 3 – Download
  4. Danmachi Volume 4 – Download
  5. Danmachi Volume 5 – Download
  6. Danmachi Volume 6 – Download
  7. Danmachi Volume 7 – Download
  8. Danmachi Volume 8 – Download
  9. Danmachi Volume 9 – Download
  10. Danmachi Volume 10 – Download
  11. Danmachi Volume 11 – Download
  12. Danmachi Volume 12 – Download
  13. Danmachi Volume 13 – Download
  14. Danmachi Volume 14 – Download
  15. Danmachi Volume 15 – Download
  16. Danmachi Volume 16 – Download
  17. Danmachi Volume 17 – Download
  18. Danmachi Volume 18 – Download
  19. Danmachi Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu EPUB ———– DOWNLOAD
  20. Familia Chronicle – Episode Freya EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  21. Sword Oratoria All Volumes EPUB
  22. Danmachi Manga



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  1. I can’t download volume 11.

    The first and second ADF.ly link work fine. The third one takes me to this page:
    Which is essentially just a blank page.

  2. I can’t download volume 11.

    The first and second ADF.ly link work fine. The third one takes me to this page:
    Which is just an empty page.

    1. You are required to skip ad in that page also. If you still unable to download the file. Just install our mobile app zerobooks. , you can access all out books with the app easily.

      1. I can’t skip that page. It’s blank. there is no skip button. And yeah I tried your zero books application. Thankfully they one works. Thank you.

  3. I can’t download volume 11. I see the first skip ad page, but the second skip ad page doesn’t load. Instead I’m brought to a page called enagato.

    1. On the enagato page solve the captcha, and click skip ad. Sometime you might need to repeat this process.You will be redirected to the neXt page after the countdown click get link and you can download.

  4. Why does it have a password for extracting the zip file for volume 10? And can you tell me the password, if you know it?

  5. I cant seem to upload the volume 3 on google play books. The first 2 vols was fine but the 3rd vol seemed corrupted.

  6. You can convert it into an epub again using online epub converter and it will resolve all issues so u will be able to upload it to Google Play Books

  7. when I click download it brings me to shotzon and there is no skip ad button all there is is a human verification and if I do that it just redirects me to a random website or ad with no option to skip so I just have to close it out.

  8. After announced released date how much times we will wait for translation? I just catch up the up the date so don’t know the system

  9. Good day, volume 16 has a broken verification to continue, post captcha and it keeps redirecting to other sites instead of the download

  10. Can’t download Volume 16, despite turning both my adblocks off, then google itself intercedes reporting that the website in question is a malware spreader. An alternative link would be appreciated.
    (Dunno if prior post actually posted, so meh)

  11. Do you have an estimate on when Volume 18’s translation will be released? I have seen reddit posts estimating around 1.5 years after release but I don’t know if you do fan translations and wonder if it is different.

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