Culinary Chronicles of the Court Flower Volume 2 Epub

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You can now download Culinary Chronicles of the Court Flower Volume 2 epub


The Declaration of Stability—a ceremony where the four highest-ranking consorts of the rear palace compete for the new emperor’s favor—draws near. In an attempt to pacify the consorts as they prepare for the ceremony, the food-loving princess Rimi, along with the cuisinology scholar Shusei, are appointed as the consorts’ cooks. Rimi finds herself hard at work dealing with the womens’ strong personalities. Emperor Shohi also starts to approach Rimi frequently under the pretext of wanting to see the Quinary Dragon. Shusei is happy that Shohi has become interested in women, but at the same time, he feels conflicted somehow. That’s when the priceless treasure required for the ceremony is suddenly stolen!

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