Cooking with Wild Game Volume 24 Pdf

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Things have been exciting recently for the people of the forest’s edge: Shin Ruu has been crowned the victor in the Genos swordsmanship tournament, Lem Dom has earned the right to walk the path toward becoming a hunter, and the smaller clans surrounding the Fa have held their joint festival of the hunt at the start of a new break period.

With all the time off they now have, the clans are now working together to finally show the last holdouts at the forest’s edge how to make delicious food. But will everyone they’re trying to teach appreciate their efforts? Also, what has happened to Myme and Mikel? And perhaps most importantly of all, when a familiar face returns to Genos for the first time in half a year, will things with Vina Ruu work out the way he hopes?

See all this and more in the exciting twenty-fourth volume of Cooking with Wild Game!

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