Cooking with Wild Game Volume 22 Pdf

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The sun god’s revival festival has at last come to a close, and the year’s end has arrived. A great deal has happened in the seven months since Asuta’s arrival at the forest’s edge. He’s grown closer to the people who live there, the townsfolk, and even the nobles of Genos; the wicked plots of the Suun clan and Cyclaeus have been thwarted; and many new ingredients have been introduced to both the forest’s edge and the post town.

Now the adventure continues in the new year. Asuta and company visit the castle town to investigate new ingredients. The house of Saturas attempts to reconcile with the people of the forest’s edge, but are their efforts in earnest? A merchant group comes up with a radical plan. And some unexpected guests make a visit to the settlement at the forest’s edge!

See all this and more in the exciting twenty-second volume of Cooking with Wild Game!

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