Cooking with Wild Game Volume 20 Pdf

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A great deal has occurred lately in the lives of Asuta and the people of the forest’s edge. From the fight with the fearsome lord of the forest, to a tea party held for noble ladies, to the celebration of a festival of the hunt at the Ruu settlement. And yet, there’s still even more change to come, as the biggest event of the year is fast approaching: the sun god’s revival festival.

How will it go when the Fa clan joins the Ruu in their outdoor restaurant, expanding it further? When Myme opens a stall of her own, will she find success? What developments will there be in Lem Dom’s quest to be acknowledged as a hunter? What will happen when everyone visits the Daleim lands again? And just who exactly are these circus performers who’ve rolled into town for the festival?

See all this and more in the exciting twentieth volume of Cooking with Wild Game!

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