Cooking with Wild Game Volume 19 epub

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The massive giba known as the lord of the forest was a true threat to be feared. And yet, by combining their strength, the hunters of the forest’s edge were able to finally take the terrifying monster down after a great effort. Though there were serious injuries in the process, fortunately everyone made it out with their lives. As a result, the bonds between the various clans grew even stronger.

However, even though that terrible ordeal has been dealt with, new challenges still await our heroes. How will Asuta perform when asked to cook for noble ladies, especially when the job extends outside of his expertise? Will everything go smoothly when a group of townsfolk visit the forest’s edge for the first time, with a particularly surprising individual among them? And how will the contest of strength at the next festival of the hunt go when several strong contenders are out of the action?

See all this and more in the exciting nineteenth volume of Cooking with Wild Game!

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