Cooking with Wild Game Volume 18 Pdf

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Asuta and company have had an eventful trip to Dabagg, where they not only saw all kinds of new things and had their first encounter with live karon, but also got to taste the town’s unique cuisine. To top it all off, they even put a stop to a greedy scheme along the way! However, the time has come to return to the forest’s edge, and there are still plenty of new twists and turns awaiting them back home.
Now, what’s this new dish Reina and Sheera Ruu are set to unveil? What kind of business venture will be proposed next? Most importantly of all, just how will Ai Fa and the other hunters of the forest’s edge deal with the appearance of a massive, incredibly dangerous giba? And what can Asuta do to help out on that front?
See all this and more in the exciting eighteenth volume of Cooking with Wild Game!

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