Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Epub

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Still reeling from the shock of their first expulsion, the first-years head into the last special exam of the year–a seven-event gauntlet that sees Class A facing off against Class C, and Class B against Class D. With each class’s elected commander facing expulsion if they lose, Ayanokouji volunteers for the role to quell his classmates’ suspicion about the events of the last exam. And with Sakayanagi captaining Class A, making this the right place and right time for their long-anticipated personal showdown–he might just need that Protection Point before too long.

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  1. goldenagato, could you update the Cover for this volume into the actual cover……I know it’s a selfish request but personally it felt kinda out of place. Lemme know if there anyway I can update the cover for myself…..and can you add SS in the epub too? Thanks !!

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