Black Summoner Volume 9 Epub

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Our favorite battle junkie charges headlong into hell, chasing the greatest Hero in history!
After Kelvin’s party defeats Estoria, one of the Apostles, another immediately appears before them. And who is it but Serge Flore, the previous Hero who once defeated Demon Lord Gustav! Even Melfina proves powerless against her. Their entire party brings everything to bear against a fighter said to be the pinnacle of fighting prowess, but she still manages to get away.
Kelvin, of course, just can’t let it go! He resolves to chase her down, even if he has to go to Abyssland, a place occupied by demons, which most people simply referred to as “hell”!
Come along for the ride as this black-clad Grim Reaper and his friends bring the fight to the Apostles in the ninth volume of this epic journey!

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