Black Summoner Volume 12 Epub

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You can now download Black Summoner Volume 12 Epub


The battle junkie finally faces the First Seat of the Apostles at the Sanctuary!

Kelvin’s party and allies find themselves scattered once they reach their destination. While wandering around, Gerard finally encounters his fated enemy, the man who drove his home country to ruin and death: Jildora! Now, he swings his sword to get revenge for his previous lord, his wife, and his daughter.

At the same time, Kelvin and Melfina face Iris Deramilius, also known as Arbitrator of the First Seat, in the deepest part of the Cradle. On one side is Kelvin, the battle junkie who wants nothing more than to fight powerful opponents, while on the other is Iris, who places blind faith in her goddess, Elearis. Is there any other choice but for them to cross blades?!

Come along for the ride as this black-clad Grim Reaper and his friends challenge the Apostles in the twelfth volume of this epic journey!

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