Black Summoner Volume 10 Pdf

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Our favorite battle junkie (Kelvin) clashes with the previous Demon Lord (Gustav) in the depths of hell where no light reaches!
Upon chasing Serge Flore, one of the Apostles, all the way to Abyssland, Kelvin catches wind of a strange rumor. Namely, the ghost of the previous Demon Lord, Gustav, has been witnessed roaming what remains of his former domain. Kelvin decides to go check it out with Ange, but much to their disappointment, all they find in the ruins of Grebarelka is a golem. Needless to say, they’re quite surprised when they later return with Sera on a visit to her hometown and discover Bell Baal, an Apostle, waiting for them!
Come along for the ride as this black-clad Grim Reaper and his friends challenge hell, demons, and the Apostles in the tenth volume of his epic journey!

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