Bibliophile Princess Volume 6 Pdf

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Elianna Bernstein, the Bibliophile Princess, is far from the safety of the royal capital in search of a cure for the Ashen Nightmare. After being betrayed by her trusted manservant who destroyed her only hope, Eli is left with nothing but despair until she unexpectedly encounters a familiar ally—Irvin Orlanza, a prince of Maldura. With renewed determination, she and her companions just might be able to discover the cure after all. If she can outrun the assassins relentlessly targeting her, that is.
Meanwhile, in the royal capital, rumors of the prince’s new fiancée are flourishing, and Prince Christopher is cornered by forces trying to get rid of Elianna and take the kingdom for their own. Will the two lovers reunite and wake the kingdom from the Ashen Nightmare? Or will villainous schemes volumes in the making finally best the Bibliophile Princess?


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