Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 5 Volume 5 Pdf

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Spring is in full bloom, and Rozemyne is summoned to the Archduke Conference. She performs the Starbind Ceremony as High Bishop, then rests and recuperates by transcribing documents in the library’s underground archive. The ceremony has some unforeseen consequences, however. As tensions rise over the increasingly important “Zent candidates,” Rozemyne finds herself entangled in the web of royal politics. Thankfully, this also secures her the chance to bargain with one of the princes…

“When you get an opportunity, take it and profit as much as you possibly can, right? Well, here I go!”

Negotiations are underway in the newest volume of this biblio-fantasy! What techniques will the commoner-born merchant saint unleash?! Includes two short stories and four-panel manga by You Shiina.

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