Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 4 Volume 2 Epub

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You can now download Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 4 Volume 2 epub


In her determination to access the library as soon as possible, Rozemyne put her absolute all into her studies from the moment she arrived at the Royal Academy. Unfortunately for her, she behaved so unusually in the process that her retainers and professors have grown increasingly worried.
Rozemyne finally clashes with the greater duchy Dunkelfelger over Schwartz and Weiss, and a game of treasure-stealing ditter is arranged between the two duchies’ apprentice knights. To make matters worse, she completely ignores proper diplomacy, accepting furtive consultations from the archduke candidates of other duchies and even giving the prince himself romantic advice! Her complete lack of foresight leaves the leaders of Ehrenfest in constant cranial agony.
As anyone might expect, Rozemyne will do anything to protect the library. Here comes another chaotic volume of this biblio-fantasy, featuring two original short stories and four-panel manga drawn by You Shiina!

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