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In 2063, Magic has been part of the world for almost 40 years and this story follows the man named “The Master of All Magic” who is on a quest to acquire more knowledge regarding Magic. Despite him being one of the most powerful magicians on the planet, he is also known for the shroud of mystery that surrounds him, through which no one can see the truth about his identity nor past. One day, the Master of All Magic stumbles across an old diary that presents what could well be the most powerful piece of Magic: Arcane Magic. The diary gives him an opportunity to learn about the identity of the last keeper of this ancient Magic, who turned out to be none other than his former master. That leads to the altercation between the two, after which the Master of All Magic’s strengthens his determination to learn this forgotten secret Magic. Will he succeed on the path of acquiring the strongest power in the world?

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  1. a bunch of the new downloads are not working, the new website is sends you to is blocked for riskware and when i turn off my antivirus it just doesn’t load. i’m leaving this here cause it is pinned and more likely to be seen, this one works fine.

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