Am I Actually the Strongest? Volume 2 Pdf

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The original light novel series of the popular isekai manga! Reincarnated as the son of aristocracy in an alternate world, socially reclusive Haruto is determined to continue where he left off in his previous life…as a cozy, lazy shut-in. Despite his ridiculously low magical potential, he gets by with his “makeshift” magic-which turns out to be a cheat skill! Binge-watching anime with his little sister and sometimes fighting crime as the local superhero… Life is good. Until one day, he receives an order from the king: To attend the most elite magic school in the kingdom’s capital, far from home. Bullies, teachers, new friends, and a secret cult? No thanks! Nothing stops Haruto from his pursuit of a perfect secluded life. Volume two of the isekai action-comedy by Sai Sumimori!

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