Altina the Sword Princess Volume 7 Epub

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You can now download Altina the Sword Princess Volume 7 epub


“There are plenty of ways to defeat a navy that has nothing but its strength going for it…”

After going up against High Britannia’s newest weapons, the Empire’s Seventh Army is helplessly defeated. While Regis’s command allows them to barely avoid complete and total annihilation, the Empire remains in a terrible predicament—the only way to stop the enemy invasion is by severing their sea routes, but the Belgarian Navy is facing great difficulties from another new innovation known as the steam ship.

And so, Altina’s army heads to Port Ciennbourg to salvage the naval front. But with only sailing ships at its disposal, does Belgaria really have the means to turn the tide?!

Here is the sixth volume of a tale of war, love, and politics, woven by the bookworm and the sword princess.

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