86–EIGHTY-SIX Volume 7 Pdf

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The Merciless Queen, a high-ranking commander unit for the Legion, has finally been taken into custody. Now the Federacy, the United Kingdom, and the Alliance of Wald can conduct a thorough analysis of this special Ameise, which houses the consciousness of Legion developer Zelene Birkenbaum. If their efforts bear fruit, they may learn the secret to stopping the Legion once and for all! In the meantime, the Federacy has decided to rest its battle-worn blades. The Eighty-Sixth Strike Package has been allowed leave for the first time in ages. As they arrive in the Alliance of Wald’s territory, they are able to step away from the iron and blood and enjoy a rare vacation! And it seems that two members of the Strike Package are getting a bit cozier than the rest…

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  1. Finally!! Thank you translators, you do a divine job. On an unrelated note, i wanted to ask if there was any chance to get a translated version of Mondaiji-Tachi Last Embryo. As you know, the translations were dropped past volume three.

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