Loner Life in Another World Light Novel Epub

You can now Download Loner Life in Another World (Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku) Light Novel Epub


When sarcastic loner Haruka gets transported with his class to another world, he’s not wild about adventuring, but he wouldn’t mind having some cool powers. Unfortunately, he’s last in line when the magic cheat skills get divvied up, so by the time it’s Haruka’s turn, there are no good choices left. Now Haruka will have to take on this fantasy world the hard way–on his own, with a hodgepodge of bizarre skills! When infighting and chaos break out among his classmates, can this loner come to the rescue?

Associated Names
Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku
Loner Life in Another World
  1. VOLUME 01 ———— DOWNLOAD
  2. VOLUME 02 ———— DOWNLOAD
  3. VOLUME 03 ———— DOWNLOAD



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