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From classmates to brother and sister, living under the same roof.

After his father’s remarriage, Asamura Yuuta ends up getting a new stepsister, coincidentally the number one beauty of the school year, Ayase Saki. Having learned important values when it comes to man-woman relationships through the previous ones of their parents, they promise each other not to be too close, not to be too opposing, and to merely keep a vague and comfortable distance.

On one hand, Saki, who has worked in solitude for the sake of her family, doesn’t know how to properly rely on others, whereas Yuta is unsure of how to really treat her. Standing on fairly equal ground, these two slowly learn the comfortable sensation of living together.

Their relationship slowly evolves from being strangers the more the days pass. Eventually, this could end up in a story about love for all we know.

Associated Names
Days with my Step Sister
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  1. Ok what the heck is up with this season of the light novels/shows i’m watching. The last light novel I read was Higehiro- which is a romance with about a 10 yr age gap. Then before that I was watching episode 1 to Higehiro which came out today (led me to read the LN) before Higehiro entirely though was Koikimo, where theres about a 10 year age gap between our love interests. 10 years wouldn’t be so bad but the girls in both stories are in highschool (and although it wouldn’t be illegal if they didn’t have sexual relations, it’s still weird) Not to mention both stories show one of the main characters, the boy or girl, have already had sexual relations with many people. I mean it’s not like they have to be virgins but with many people.. really<<<? Then I'm aboutta read this which is like a weird step siblings romance thing.. can't wait! (honestly I really don't think thats wrong, I just hope it doesn't have a ton of sex cause i've had enough of that, I want more wholesome content );)

  2. Alright I can thoroughly say that I absolutely loved this book/LN. Soo happy that I stumbled upon it, it has exactly my type of main character, and I love all of our characters so far. Leaving this comment in the hopes that by leaving comments something becomes more advertised so other people can find this as well. (I sound like I have such good intentions, in reality, the more popular this is, the more energy that will be put it in) ANYWAYS great book, LOVED every minute of it.

  3. Thanks for this, it’s not incest so im good with this. This LN is so Relaxing hope they didn’t drop this. Thanks Enagato for the translation

  4. Yeah I already read this a week ago and I’m still waiting at volume 3. In the youtube says about 90 days for volume 3(not sure though). If you ever want some non pervert mc I recommend this one

  5. Aarya San murmuring in Russian light novel already translated upto volume 1 pls upload pdf really appreciate

  6. Thanks for the tl. I like it so much. I wanna download the 3rd volume, but says its moved temporarily. Can you please check ?

  7. I Just want to Thank You soooo muchhh….. This is a awsome novel and I really Like you author for the support to give us a chance to read this novel… It is updated timely and thank You sooo much…. Hope we can read more volume very soon… Thank you sooo much again….

  8. I think I’ll give this a try though I don’t exactly liked Higehiro I liked koikimo so I hope this’ll be good

  9. Is volume 9 and 10 (i am aware 10 was super recent so i expect it to take a while)going to be translated or has it been dropped?

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