Classroom of the Elite Year 2 Volume 3 Epub

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“If you are getting targeted by Miyabi… It will probably turn ugly. Ayanokōji-kun, you should join a bigger group while you have the chance—”

The stage is set for a summer on the uninhabited island. The special exam where classes across all years will compete for points is finally beginning. There are two ways to get points.

  • To be at a designated place at a certain time that changes each day.
  • To finish a certain task within the time limit on the uninhabited island.

The larger the group, the larger the advantage and the risk of getting expelled is also lowered. This is a 2 weeks long act, a cruel exam where they also have to think about procuring water and food. What’s more, it seems like Tsukishiro is allowing the students to squabble among each other during the exam.

Amidst it all, Tsubasa Nanase from Class 1-D suggests to Ayanokōji, who had planned to watch the events unfold while going solo, that they move together. It was a strange suggestion without any real benefits, but in order to learn about her ways, he accepts. The two-person tag team marathon on the uninhabited island is starting!

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