Absolute Reality: A Chance in Restoring a Foredoomed World Light Novel


Hi @everyone its been a while. Please read if you have time. As you recall about 2 months ago, we announced that our top contender, (Hayato Shinohara) was trying to enter the Honeyfeed/Kodansha Japan competition in hopes of getting an anime and manga adaptation with your likes + views. Most of all, to make history and open the door for us English audience to be creators. Just in-case anyone needs a refresher, Hayato also won our first Zerobooks LN competition! We were taking the lead, but sadly the competition community made a case against Hayato, cancelling him despite his innocence. However, the judges apologized for the situation but requested to submit a new series. This is why the old one is missing. NEW SERIES LINK:  <- Light Novel Website – Simply create account (and verify email) Easy Instructions on how to Support! –>>> Remember, it’s only a few minutes of signing in, verifying email (to avoid bots) and liking chapters. It is your support that will make history. This will be a huge factor in deciding the winner. The top contender of this category is at 40,000 views and 300 likes. We can easily pass this, together! We are the biggest light novel community outside of Japan, so it is important that we stand up and dedicate a small moment of our time to support people like Hayato, who fought depression, money and time loss to make a huge comeback. All support and shares matter, let it be a friend, family member or another chat—the judging will begin September 6th, which is only two weeks from now. Time is short, but with a powerful community like ours, we can do this! I’m counting on all of you! DM Hayato if you have any more questions

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